Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy, common for all our funds, is based on stock picking with actively managed, high-conviction portfolios. Our investment philosophy has, since launch in 1997, generated an average net return of around 12 % p.a.

Fondita’s investment philosophy is based on stock picking. We have a consistent approach and use the same investment philosophy in all of our 8 equity funds.

We do not invest in accordance with indices or benchmarks. Our investment philosophy is high-conviction, with actively managed portfolios with a concentrated, low-turnover investment approach. We prefer a long-term investment horizon. Our portfolios consist of approximately 30 stocks.

We search actively for companies that fulfill our requirements, for example:

  • Strong market position and good future potential
  • Established and recognized profitability and sound balance sheet
  • Qualified and competent management
  • Active and visible owners in company operations.
  • Reasonable valuation (DCF, PE, EV/EBIT, etc.)
  • Established ESG-strategy

Our concentrated portfolios allow us to closely monitor the companies that we are invested in as well as meeting the management of the portfolio companies on a regular basis, between one to four times a year. We also strive towards meeting with competitors and customers to our portfolio companies in order to obtain a broader perspective of the respective markets and business environments.

We focus on small- and micro-cap publicly traded companies in Europe and the Nordics.

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